About Us

Audiophile Components Inc. was founded in January 16, 1981. A corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC Registration Number 96980). Our company engages in the distribution of high quality Professional Audio and Musical equipment manufactured in the United States, Asia and Europe. We also deal in accessories such as wires, cables, connectors, sound processors.  The company has highly skilled Technical Department which supports the brand it distributes complete with necessary testing equipment.

From 1981 to 1984, due to favorable exchange rates, we concentrated in distributing Japanese consumer audio products. Among these were Luxman, Nakamichi, Fostex and Audio-Technica. The product line increased further to include US brands such as Audio-Research, Conrad-Johnson, Monster Cable, and European brands such as Quad, KEF Electronics and Wharfedale.

Towards the later part of 1984, we then shifted to the professional and commercial market. The company took the initiative to acquire more US brands such as Infinity, M&K, Nady, Numark and two years later, took on JBL, Shure, Peavey, Crown, QSC, Ashley, ART, Rane, and from England, Soundcraft, Fane and Celestion. In the process, Audiophile relinquished all its Japanese lines except Nakamichi and Audio-Technica but took on Tascam.

In order to have complete coverage in all areas of audio towards the end of 1990, we added Musical Instrument amplification and effects processors to our lines taking on the distribution of Peavey, Evans, DOD/DBX/Digitech, BBE, Lexicon and on to Musical Instruments, Premier, Ibanez and Tama.

Audiophile likewise affiliated with other companies to provide contracting services and strong marketing support on the above various market.

We currently have 10 Audiophile branches in and around Manila and a total of 70 dealers/contractors nationwide.

To date, Audiophile still retains the distribution of the most renowned brands in the industry, making us the biggest and most complete Professional Audio equipment on all audio markets which are Touring, Fix Installation, Broadcast, Musical Industry, Recording Industry market, Cinema, Home and Car Audio (on minimal market).

It is the aim of Audiophile Components, Inc., to continuously educate our market on the proper usage and correct installation of the right equipment on the Professional Audio Industry.