Ibanez TubeKing TK999-OD


KORG Nuvibe Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


KORG PANDORA Stomp (PX-ST) Guitar Multi Effects Pedal


KORG Pitchblack Custom (PB-CS) Tuner Pedal for Guitar & Bass


KORG Pitchblack mini (PB-MINI) Tuner Pedal for Guitar & Bass


KORG Pitchblack Portable (PB-04 BK) Polyphonic Tuner for Guitar & Bass


KORG SDD-3000 Programmable Digital Delay Pedal


VOX Stomplab 2G Guitar Effects Pedal


VOX TG1-Tone Garage V8 Distortion


VOX Tone Garage Trike Fuzz


VOX Adio Air GT Guitar Amplifier


VOX Cooltron CT-06TR VibraVOX Tremolo Pedal


Vox Cooltron CT02OD Big Ben Overdrive Pedal




VOX TG1-ST60D Straight 6


VOX TG2-DDD Double Deca Delay


VOX ToneLab ST


VOX V847 Wah Pedal


VOX V860 Pedal


VOX VFS-2A Foot Switch


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