P.A. Speakers

Quik Lok BS310 Foldable Floor Stand for speakers and combos


Quik Lok DSP/390 Mount for video monitors up to 40"


Quik Lok QL-60 Heavy duty adjustable speaker wall bracket (PAIR)


Quik Lok QL-950 Adjustable speaker wall mount (PAIR)


Quik Lok S/203 Extension tube for satellite-subwoofer


Quik Lok S/226 All-Steel Spot Monitor /Amp Stand


Quik Lok SB-781 Speaker wall mount (PAIR)


Quik Lok SB/202 Twin-Speaker Crossbar


Quik Lok SLS-13 All-Steel Crank-Up Lighting/Truss/Speaker Stand


Quik Lok SP/282 CH Easy-Lift speaker stands w/ air-cushion (PAIR)


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